About Us

None of us can take credit for the evolution of SamUrgency.  In the early days of Samoyed rescue, when there was a smattering of Samoyed rescue groups throughout the country, many of us realized that there was a need for funding for dogs that came into rescue with life threatening diagnoses. Many ideas were bandied about for a funding program – none of which “stuck” until the concept of SamUrgency became concrete.  In those early days, our funding program was geared towards rescue dogs alone, and our modus operandi was when we were alerted to a dog that needed an expensive surgery or heartworm treatment – any diagnosis that a rescue group did not have the money for – we would contact all the Samoyed lists and ask to see if people would help sponsor a dog that needed help.  Things changed in 2011 when SamUrgency was left some money by the Springers and we were able to open our program to all Samoyeds throughout the country that needed help.

Melissa Howell

In June 1990 I went to a dog show with my brother-in-law, who just got his first show dog, a Saint Bernard. Watching the dogs in Group, we saw the Samoyed after the Saint Bernard, and I knew I wanted a dog like that. The next day we found a breeder to let us come visit, and within a week, I was driving from Tampa to Tennessee to pick up my puppy, Tasha! My love of the breed started as simply as that! I have made so many lifelong friends in the Samoyed world, where people are as friendly and outgoing as their dogs. We are so grateful for the support that the Samoyed community has shown to SamUrgency over the last decade.

Maria C. Kirylo

Though raised in Italy as an Army brat in a house full of dogs – mostly dachshunds and mixes thereof – and seven brothers and sisters, I did not know what a Samoyed was until I “accidentally” adopted one when I was 42. Up until that point, I had been living in apartments after moving to Milwaukee to attend college and was not allowed to have pets. When I was in the position to finally get a dog, we contacted the humane society looking for both a dachshund and a husky. A short time later, they called us to tell us that someone needed to give up their Samoyed. I didn’t know anything about the breed but said, “Sure, we’ll take him.” When I first laid eyes on Albert, I couldn’t believe how beautiful he was. Little did I know then what a crazy dog lady lurked inside me. Within a couple of years I went from not knowing what the breed was to wanting to save them all. It was also in the early days of the internet and I met many other Samoyed lovers online, and learned about rescue and ironically, Melissa Howell was my rescue mentor in those early days. I went on to found my own non-profit Samoyed rescue organization – Playing Again Sams of WI in 1998 and have been doing rescue since.

How Can I Help SamUrgency?

  • Paypal or mail a donation to SamUrgency, Inc (PO Box 184, Haralson, GA 30229) to be used to help Samoyeds who meet our guidelines.
  • Become a sponsor of a dog in need.
  • If one wishes to donate their IGive shopping rewards, we have now listed SamUrgency at www.igive.com.
  • You might consider making a planned gift to SamUrgency, There are many ways to include charitable giving to SamUrgency in your estate plan to gain valuable tax relief as well as support our work on behalf of Samoyeds in need. Bequests are the easiest and most common planned gift. With a bequest, you can leave all or part of your estate to SamUrgency, in your will. Funds are invested and ensure the future strength of our organization. Restricted bequests can also be made for specific programs or uses.