The Springers

Cathy and KachinaIn 2001, SamUrgency was developed to help Samoyeds that had come into rescue, were in foster care and had an extraordinary and urgent medical need. In 2009 we were contacted by Jim Springer. He and his wife, Cathy, had Samoyeds and Cathy had recently passed. He found SamUrgency online and asked what we were all about. We never heard anything from him after that, until the end of 2010 when we were contacted by an attorney who said that Jim had died and had left SamUrgency money with the request that we help people who love their Samoyeds.

The SamUrgency Board decided the best way to honor the Springers’ request was to provide funding for medical care for Samoyeds and their owners whether “owned” and with their families, from breeders, rescues, pet stores, or found on the street. Their love of the Samoyed breed has blanketed us with a gift of uncommon generosity. “Kachina” was the Springers beloved Samoyed so we wanted to honor them, and their Samoyeds by calling our program The Kachina Fund. The Springers’ unexpected thoughtfulness and kindness will make the lives of so many Samoyeds and their loving owners just a little easier when confronted with dire medical diagnoses and bills. We owe them a debt of gratitude that can never be surpassed.