We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to our many thoughtful, generous supporters! Throughout the years, their donations have helped many Samoyeds. WW know that with all of us working together, we can help save a lot of Samoyeds. Thank you for your support!

Beverley Andalora
Jim and Jodene Aregas
Debby, Joel, Nahani and Mikhaela Arem
Debbie Hartman Baird
Pat and Harold Bakken – In fond memory of Tai
Cari Baldwin
Pam Barbe* – In honor of Manny and Ritchey
Amanda Berkeley* – In memory of Kathy Neill’s Kaiya and Sesi; in memory of Patti Palmer’s Ivy; in memory of Jordene Gate’s Ruben; and in memory of Paul Martin’s father; in honor of Merrilee D’Antonio’s Spirit
Jeaneen & David Berkowitz – In honor of Nancy Greene’s Sammi Sue’s 9th Birthday; in memory of Bill Holtoff
Hans Bjordahl & Holley Irvine*
Charles and Mary Bowyer – In memory of Sue Kabler’s Niko and Jeannee Brave’s Ali; in memory of Bill Holtoff; in memory of Nancy Green’s Sammi Sue; in memory of Emi Kooyman’s Cheddar and Dallas; in memory of Jeaneen Berkowitz
Patricia Breen – In honor of her boy Phoenix
Bette Brennan-Gottwald – In memory of Norma Jean, from Zeus
Lynn Brent – In memory of Sassy
Lisabeth Brown*
Cheryl Burkart – In memory of Melissa Howell’s Lali
Mark Bussemeier
Mark & Jean Bussemeier – In honor of Merilee D’Antonio’s Spirit
Gail Caldwell
Cels and Kimberly Camejo
David Cannata
Central Florida Samoyed Rescue – In memory of Rich and Jan Malanaphy
Cynthia Chalfant – From Gracie in memory of Tasha and Jack
Robin Clark
Crystal Coffey – In memory of her first Samoyed Sami
Mary Cosney
Rod and Button Cook* – In memory of Emi and Mark Kooyman’s Stetson
The Button and Rod Cook Foundation* – In honor of Breeze, Toby, KC, and Kibby; and in memory of Juneau
Kathryn Cook
James Cooley – In memory of Sugar Bear
William Cooper – In memory of Denise Galante’s Lilya
Helen Corlew – In memory of Greg Newell; in honor of Mirthril-Sylvan’s Prairie Hawk
Brian and Stacy Correia* – In honor of Mufasa and Tundra
Belynda Crick – In honor of Merilee D’Antonio’s Spirit
Patricia Cunkelman*
Vickie, James, Ahzee, Kodi, Bonnie and Dandy Cupps – In memory of Risuko’s Teddy B. Cupps
Victoria Cupps* – In memory of Azhee
Merrilee D’Antonio* – Thank you, thank you for all your work organizing Weight Pull Fundraisers and your continual support!
Ann Daugherty
Bobby Davis* – In memory of Ch. Tobil’s Rockets Red Glare and CH. Daystar’s Dustins Anastasia
Deborah DeFonzo
Edie Ferber and Georgie – In memory of Cass Dalglish and Lou Branca’s Ashim Babar
Diane Dotson
Barbara Driscoll – In memory of Sadie
Donald Duncan – David Harsch and Ady
Shirley Eckert – In celebration of Ch. OTCH Wildfire Chloe Jo UDX earning her deserved title!
Ellen Engle*
Chris and Susan English – In honor of Amy Kiell and Andrew Green’s wedding
Carol Etheridge
Cathy Falck
Fran Farrell – In memory of Helena Hale
Deb Fiedler, Imzadi and the gang at Magic Mist*
Brad and Laura Finley – In memory of Bailey
Erica Flahaut, EJ Samoyeds – In memory of David Harsch’s Ady
John Flahaut* – In honor of Merilee D’Antonio’s Spirit
Erika Fodor
Sharlene Forte SamUrgency thanks her for for her tireless effort in her Origami Owl fundraiser benefitting SamUrgency
Suzanne Friedenreich* – In memory of Suz’s Precious Snowflake
Jacqueline Gaddis – In memory of Samoyed “Buddy”
Barbara Gage
Leona M Garrett* – In honor of Merrilee D’Antonio’s Spirit
Diane Geitzenauer*
Fast Lash Girl – In memory of her sweet Kiba
Donna Glickman and Snokrest Samoyeds – In memory of David Harsch’s Ady
Barbara Gomolski
Vickie Goyer* – In loving memory of Bill Bader
Jody A. Hankinson – In honor of Heidi and Michael’s engagement and their dog Leika
Cookie Hayden
Rebecca Hedlund
Jim and Susan Hedrick – In memory of the best Sammy ever, Ruckus!
Robyn Henzel* – In memory of Snowball and in honor of Balto
Walter Herrmann
Matt and Sean Hess
Melissa Hopper*
Melissa and Tasha Lee Howell 
Gordon Hughes
Elizabeth Hurle
Sue Jackman
Barry & Darlene Jay*
Jack Jermyn, Seawinds Samoyeds – In memory of David Harsch’s Ady
Ruth Johnston – In memory of Basia
Karing K-9s Therapy Dogs – In memory of Azhee Cupps
Shelly and Randy Kees*
Deb Keese*
Heather Kelly – In memory of Melissa Howell’s Lali
Kelly Kent – In memory of Kibby Cook-Kent
Maria Kirylo* – In memory of Ashley; in memory of Bill; in memory of Melissa Howell’s Lali; and especially for her own Artie, Mickey and Lilly
Mary Kistner – In memory of Mystical’s Patriot of Windsong
Cyndi Knighton* – In memory of “Nicky” Nicky of Angle Lake, CD, JHD, PT, CGC, the rescue boy who started it all; in memory of “Conor” Am/Can/UKC CH Shaman’s Ri Caithreim O’Lore, Am/Can/UKC CD, WSX, HCT, CGC who was the light of my life
Denise Koestner – In memory of Anne Morgan’s Magic
Ronald Kogan – In memory of Samoyed Karla (8/21/90 – 11/5/04)
Nancy Kraus – In memory of Ch. Stonehaven’s Garnet n’ Gold Rhapsody aka Tallie
Bobbie LaFortune
Pam Landers – In honor of Mirthril-Sylvan’s Prairie Hawk
Barbara Larson
Jillian and Diane Lewis* – In memory of David Harsch’s Ady
Sara-Ann C Lincoln* – In memory of the precious Lilya and also in thankfulness of Denise Galante’s amazing love and care for her
Marcia Litt – In honor of Mark Shepanek’s birthday
Heather LoProto – In memory of David Harsch’s Ady: in memory of Cheri Rankin’s Rollie
Diana Majka* – In honor of Maia Dings
Jay Madden and Keiko – In memory of Skiddy
Maggie and Klaus – In memory of Bailey Bear
Marg MacFadden – In memory of Anne O’Neill’s Max
James Macinko – In honor of Sasha Johnston
Ron & Kathy Manor* – In memory of Rosemary Rambo, Reilly Peabody and Abby; and in honor of David Harsch and Ady
Donna Marini-Koch* – In memory of Neeko
Anthony Mastendino*
Jennie McMahon
Mary McManamon* – In honor of Deena’s 3rd birthday; in honor of Deena
James McLea & Elizabeth Matej, with Stormy and Blizzard
Jay McWhorter

Metropolitant Atlanta Samoyed Club
MidAtlantic Samoyed Rescue*:Jeanne, Danielle & Ellen –  In memory of Faith
Penny Miller
Minuteman Samoyed Club
Mary Mitchell*
Bob Moore*
Rena Mueller
Nationals Pull-a-thon for SamUrgency Fundraiser, Louisville, KY_September 2015_organized by Merrilee Piccarelli
Denise Newell* – In memory of Greg and all the Expedition Samoyeds that have gone before; in honor of Angel

Yvette Nielsen 
North Texas Samoyed Rescue, Inc.

Northern California Samoyed Fanciers
Diane Northway and Annie*

Laurie Olsson* – Thank you, thank you, thank you for all you do for the Weight Pull fundraiser and for all of your donations and sponsorships!
Linda Ossmann – In memory of Melissa Howell’s Lali
Emilie Overton
Lee Owen – In honor of her favorite girl, Keysha and in honor of Amanda Berkeley’s birthday

Janice Palermo* – In memory of Hawkeye; in honor of Akielle
Heather Palmer – In honor of Yvette Nielsen
Faith Patterson, Tommy and Mark Hannagan and Dana Babik – In loving memory of Molly
Debi and Don Payton – In memory of Obi
Peach Blossom Cluster – Perry, GA – April, 2014  Fundraiser organized by Catherine Buhaly Ibold, Monica Hackett, Elsie Buhaly and Maureen Ozmore.  Thanks also to donors Jane Braunbaugh, Cheryl Burkart, Julie Dunkle, Janie Emmel, Michele Matto, Judy McDougall, Jason Rydstand, Amanda Ver Bruggen.
Rose Percival – In honor of Moxie and Brio Berkley
Playing Again Sams – In memory of Harold and Pat Bakken’s Tundra and Tai
Roger, Penny, Rudy and Sophie Porcelli – In honor of Holley Irvine’s birthday
Amelia Price
Pam Puckett*
Diane Pulos* – In memory of Sammy’s birthday
Ernie Rambo
Rosemary Rambo
Cherie Rankin – In memory of David Harsch’s Ady; in memory of Heather Kelly’s Wasabi
Susan Ranta* – – In memory of Garth and Sadie – her first two samoyeds
RBS Greenwich Capital Foundation
Sue Ellen Reager – In honor of Sunny
Annie Reid – – In memory of Amanda Berkeley’s mother, Libby; in honor of Amanda Berkeley’s birthday
Paul Rintoul
Dianna Rivera – In honor of Danny and Al and their dogs Luke and Rosie
Steve Roseman
Steve and De Roseman – In honor of De Roseman’s birthday
Lindsey Wegrzyn Rush – In memory of her beloved Thor
SamAgility Group
Samoyed Club of Austin
Samoyed Fanciers of Central Florida
Samoyed Rescue of Oregon*
Sanford Schnoz
Roger, Karla & RJ Scherer* – In memory of Snowbear, Nicki and Gretchen
Janet Schnitzlein, Tsar and Bowie* – In honor of Faith
Donna Schultz – In memory of David Harsch’s Ady
William Schutz
Jeannette Schwerbel
Adele Shankle – In honor of Amanda Berkeley’s birthday
Jim and Elfie Shea*
Marc Shepanek* – In honor of Duane Johnson’s Lucky; in appreciation of Maria Kirylo who saved Mawson and Askem
Kathy Smith* – In memory of Melissa Howell’s Lali; in memory of David Harsch’s Ady
Laurie Stone
Terry Taddeo*, Sammy Reno and Dolly
Janet Taylor and Terry Schaffer*
Special Education Consulting Group
Carol Tenny – In memory of Nancy Tenny’s Kumo
Lana Theodoropoulos* – In memory of David Harsch’s Ady; in memory of Melissa Howell’s Lali
Dana and Mark Thomas – In memory of Ashley
Deborah Thompson* – In honor of David Harsch and Ady
Tomkins Corp. Foundation
Moira Towriss-Smith – In memory of Beckham
Jean and Bob Ungar, The Buddman and Frankie* – In memory of Rosemary Rambo
Jim Vail* – In honor of David Harsch and Ady; in memory of Melissa Howell’s Lali
Pisut Vongkasemsiri
Bo & Deana Wadsack*
Palmer Warner – For the love of Sammies specifically her sweet Luka
Louis Wasson – In memory of Toby

Weight Pull Fundraisers – Thank you to everyone who participates in the Weight Pull Fundraisers at the Nationals!
Shelley Wehrspann – In honor of Kody
Arleen Wheat* – In memory of Kodyak, Will and Grace; in memory of Marcy Christian, a hero to dog rescue; in honor of Merilee D’Antonio’s Spirit
Aiden Wiley
Dave and Lisa Wiley*
Nolan Wiley
Mary Wolf* – In honor of David Harsch and Ady
Matt Yeazel – In memory of Kodi
Jan Young* – In memory of Mico and in honor of Cherie Rankin’s Patina
Friends and co-workers in Pharmaceutical Planning at Merck & Co – In memory of Stacey Weaver

Anonymous – In memory of Knika

Anonymous – In memory of Coco

Anonymous – In memory of Ch. Sunny, CD, TDI… an extra special Samoyed

Anonymous – In memory of Kara Stitley

Anonymous – In honor of Summer and Winter


* denotes multiple donations

SamUrgency is entirely funded by donations. To donate so we can continue our mission, please visit on Paypal or send a donation to SamUrgency, PO Box 184, Haralson, GA 30229. Thank you!