Rescue Dog Program


SamUrgency will accept applications for assistance for rescued Samoyeds or Samoyed mixes (if they look like Samoyeds). SamUrgency is set up to provide monetary assistance for emergency medical expenses for rescue dogs.

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Applications must be submitted no later than 15 days after incurring the expense. Each application will be assessed individually.

Guidelines for Eligibility:

  1. The dog is a Samoyed or Samoyed-mix requiring emergency medical treatment and is in a rescue situation.
  2. A licensed veterinarian has assessed all injuries and ailments and has predicted that the dog has a solid chance for a good quality of life with treatment; this treating veterinarian will be available to speak to members of SamUrgency to discuss this dog’s prognosis, and will provide information on letterhead, at the request of SamUrgency.
  3. The dog has shown no signs of aggression and will be adoptable at the end of the treatment.
  4. The dog is not terminally ill. While there is no age limit, each case will be judged as to the quality of life for the dog.
  5. The dog will have to be neutered. SamUrgency will not provide funds for the neutering, but the neutering will have to be done at the same time as the treatment. The ONLY exception to this will be if the treating veterinarian explains in writing why neutering can not be done at this time. In this instance, the rescue group requesting the money will sign a SamUrgency statement saying that the dog will be neutered, at the rescue group’s expense, as quickly as is medically possible.
  6. The owners must be able to show veterinary proof that the dog has lived in North America for the proceeding 18 months. As much as we would love to be able to fund every Samoyed everywhere, that is not possible to do monetarily and still protect our assets.
  • SamUrgency at any time has the right to request a second opinion on veterinary prognosis. While we support a rescue group’s right to work with their veterinarian of choice, there might be instances where another veterinarian might be able to do the same work at a rescue discount. SamUrgency also has a Veterinary Board who will review some of the cases.
  • SamUrgency is a funding group set up to help in emergency situations, and will not pay for normal rescue expenses, such as neutering, vaccinations, grooming, long-term boarding or transportations costs. SamUrgency will consider requests for heartworm and hip treatments.
  • SamUrgency will only pay up to 80% of the dog’s emergency medical expenses. The applicant is asked to pay for the other 20%.
  • SamUrgency board reviews all applications on a case-by-case basis, but funding comes from donators who will decide which dogs to donate to. If SamUrgency approves an application, they can not guarantee that their generous donors will be able to pay for the dog’s medical bills.
  • All Samoyed rescue groups qualify for SamUrgency funds. However, if you have access to other funding options such as through the National Samoyed Rescue organization, we request that you apply with them first. If additional funds are necessary, then we invite you to apply to SamUrgency to help defray the difference.
  • For dogs in need who do not qualify for assistance through SamUrgency, please visit the following website to explore several alternative funding possibilities: